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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why does it have to be so hard?

by Cyndi Coleman
As my “I-don’t-do-mornings” and “I-don’t-love-school tween” and I were racing to school one morning she moaned, “Why does school have to be so hard?” Granted, this was our first day back after Thanksgiving break, and none of “my people”  (who live under my roof) felt up to our day’s demands; but her complaint disguised as a question deserved an answer. So, as we waited on a red light to turn green, I began, “Well, baby, it’s only hard because it’s all new. Next year, this hard stuff will be easier, and there will be new challenges. But ya gotta get this stuff nailed down first, so you’re ready.”

Isn’t all of life similar to this? As I look back over my life, I can see God leading me down dark and seemingly desolate paths. Those times were scary and full of new challenges (or opportunities depending on how you look at it); and  those times prepared me for what was ahead. Of course, there were times, on those paths, when I darted away from God’s guidance. Those were undeniably the most devastating and destructive times, for I had truly lost all direction. Each of those times found me caught in an entanglement of hopelessness crying for my Savior.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Moment of Mercy

by Cyndi Coleman
Sometimes, we may see disaster on the horizon and we spend time praying it will not happen to us. However, there are other times when disaster approaches so swiftly that we are only able to sit back and take in all the shock and hysteria that has come our way after it has passed. Still there are other times when we see that potential devastation has been averted. These are the times we should recognize that God has chosen, out of his sovereignty, to bless us with a moment of mercy we did not even know to ask for. As an illustration of what I’m writing about, I feel compelled to tell you about a time that still causes my heart to sink. I’m talking about a time when the potential devastation we avoided was only by the hand of God.  It was a moment when he chose to show my family mercy. A moment we could have never seen coming.