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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Prayer

by Pam Roth
Have you ever noticed how the Lord works in mysterious ways and how relevant His word is for us?  Today, I found a prayer that I wrote over 30 years ago. Little did I know, when I wrote this prayer, that my children would be in their 40’s and that my husband and I would live 900 miles away from some of them when I discovered this prayer, again. 

Heavenly Father,
As I think about the Thanksgiving season, help me to be thankful…I mean really thankful.  I am truly grateful for your provision and my family.

Father, help me to see that every moment of everyday has been given to me by you; and I pray that I make the best decisions possible within that day.  Help me to see that today’s minutes with my children are tomorrow’s memories.  Memories - good memories I hope - that will be rehearsed not only in our minds, but verbally as we gather together in the years to come…when, who knows, we may be miles apart.
Thank you for the precious gift of life and how you have reminded me this week of how I should value each new day that you give to me.  You know Father, as I think of the passing away of loved ones at your chosen time; it reminds me that you are in complete control of my life.  It is my responsibility to live my life wisely and to the fullest extent for you.
Lord Jesus, thank you for my husband.  He is my encourager, my provider and most of all, my very best friend.  His special smile and listening ear are just the thing I need when the events of the day begin to overtake me.  Oh, make me ever grateful that we have each other.  
Father, last but not least, I want to thank you for your Son who died for me.  He bore my sins and carried my guilt and shame to Calvary.  He didn’t have to die, but He chose to die…He chose to be obedient to you, even unto death for my salvation.  And then, I’m so glad that it didn’t all end there; but, that He rose again, and brought with Him victory! Victory for me!  Victory over sin, this present life and the grave.
Father, I just want to thank you for who you are. You are the Master, Creator, Redeemer, Almighty God, the Bread of Life, the great Physician, and my Savior.
Lord Jesus, it is my desire as David sang in his Psalm of praise in Psalms 100:4 to “enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him and bless his name.”   Amen

Over thirty years ago, I chose to express my gratitude in a prayer.  Let me encourage you to ponder some of the following questions this week.

What are some of the ways that you express your gratitude to God and to those around you?

If you were to write a prayer, right now, what might it look like?

To whom do you owe the most gratitude?  

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