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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Faith is…waiting

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by Heather Mason
So you’ve made it through the storm. The uncomfortable event in your life is resolved and you begin living in your comfort zone once again. Have you ever found yourself living this way? The process of going through the struggle, making it through, growing closer to the Lord, and after some time your life is back to “normal.” Normal meaning, going about your days, possibly spending less and less time with God because, hey, everything is going great. Do I think it is wrong to be comfortable and enjoy the pleasures God has blessed us with? No, but I realize with me, I have a tendency to go through the motions of this life and spend less time with God when everything is good. Maybe even letting the faith that I built up through that last storm drift out of my memory. But, gratefully God has a way of reminding me.

If you read the last blog “Faith is…,” fast forward a couple of years with me.  My husband was up for, what we call, “orders.” This is where the Navy decides what and where your next position is going to be. Together, we prayed for guidance from God and felt him calling us to remain in Gulfport, MS. We were confident this is where he wanted us to be. My husband made the call stating where he wanted to be and which job he would like to have. Now, we had learned some valuable lessons through our last journey with his job. Lessons I had forgotten about until we were faced with another waiting period.   Everything was prepared prior to requesting orders. My husband had taken the classes he needed to take and made sure he was qualified for a job as a Builder Instructor.

We waited to receive the call saying, “Petty Officer Mason, you have orders to Gulfport, MS.” Anyone want to guess what happened?  The call went more like this, “Petty Officer Mason, you have NOT received any orders at this time, you were NOT chosen for the orders you requested.” We were not discouraged and kept praying.  We knew God had it all under control and God’s timing was perfect. We continued on for six months with continuous phone calls telling us the same thing. During those months, I had everyone I knew praying for us. 

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Then, in the seventh month, my husband called me to say he received orders to Japan. I was very confused. I put out a mass shout out for prayer; and then a very good friend called to ask how I was doing. Until that phone call, I thought that I was fine; however, when I began to answer her question the tears began to flow as I tried to explain how I actually was feeling. She prayed for me right there on the phone. You see, I had been praying very hard for six months to stay in Gulfport because that is what I knew God wanted for us. But, at the end of every prayer, I would add, “BUT, if you need me in Japan, I will go.” Why I chose Japan, I do not know.  During that phone call with my friend, I came to the realization that I indeed did not mean what I was saying to God. The truth was, I had zero desire to go to Japan. Psalm 37:4 tells us, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The desire of my heart was to stay where I was, where I just knew God wanted me. So why the orders to Japan? Was I taking things into my own hands again by praying for my wants, or was I really searching for God’s will?

Sometimes it is really hard to understand when things do not go the way we plan. We have to remember we only see a small piece of the bigger picture. God wants better for us than we could possibly want for ourselves. For one week, I started to work it out in my head how this move to Japan was going to unfold. Our daughter had just graduated from high school and she would be starting college in Gulfport very soon. In our hearts, we did not want to leave her behind. Ok, so I thought, “I will stay behind with her.” Wait, that means I will be away from my husband for three years! How is this going to work? I just did not see a way. Instead of continuing to go down this road of trying to work out the plans, I decided to wait, pray, and serve.

So during my waiting time, that’s exactly what I did. I served, I prayed, I worshipped. Thankfully a week was all that it took for another call to come in. A call that said, “Your orders to Japan have been voided and you have received orders as a Builder Instructor in Gulfport, MS.” The celebration was huge! I was so excited to share with all of the people who had been praying with us. God is faithful!

Even though I had times of frustration through those seven months, I had learned so much from the previous struggle we had with waiting. All of these lessons were brought back to my mind.  I felt the Lord reminding me he is in control. I knew the Lord was asking me, “Do you trust me?” Isaiah 14:24 tells us, “The Lord of hosts has sworn: ‘As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.’”

The biblical definition of faith: “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” That last event in our lives, the one where I had tried to take things into my own hands, that was long gone; but it had been such a spiritually growing time for us. Gratefully, I just need a little reminding.

While I'm Waiting - John Waller
"When God is silent, I will still worship and serve Him!"

(click this link if the video does not play in your browser or email)
How are you fully and completely trusting God?

How has your faith grown in times of waiting?

What has it been like when you have had to face things where you just didn’t know what to do?

What might be some ways to remind yourself to go to God FIRST?

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  1. What a great word! Thank you for sharing! I needed this!
    "The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it" (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

  2. Thanks Cyndi. You were such an encouragement to me through this journey.


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