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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Learning His Passion & LOVING IT!

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by Cyndi Coleman
Although I was a cheerleader throughout middle and high school, I had very little understanding about how sports - football and basketball - were played. I knew when we made a touchdown or missed a free throw, but that was about it. I supported my friends and school with joy when we were up and felt sad when we were down. However, the truth be known, I was just a bystander, just another fan.

I always said I’d never marry a preacher or a coach because they are too consumed by their careers. Well, about 17 years ago I fell in love with a handsome football player who turned out to be a fantastic football coach - and my husband. 

After we married and he began coaching, I discovered I knew nothing about the game he loved; therefore, we were doomed to awkward conversations anytime I tried to talk to him about it. I genuinely wanted to be interested; I just didn’t know how and had no idea where to begin in order to learn. I went to every game, near and far. I wore school colors and clapped or booed with the crowd; but honestly, I just didn’t get it. Being present didn’t mean learning.

One day, I watched as my husband talked in an animated fashion to his guy-friend about the game from the previous night. I realized, in that moment, that my husband had never been this excited to talk “the game” to me. Obviously, there were reasons for this: I had zero understanding, so I couldn’t truly participate in a meaningful conversation on the topic ... and I didn’t really ask.

Right then and there, I determined I would do whatever necessary to change this dynamic. This was clearly something he was very passionate about and he was going to spend his life doing it. I must learn it, so I could better support him; and truthfully, I was just a wee-bit super-jealous of the guy friend.

I began paying close attention during the games, asking a myriad of questions. Fortunately, I had a patient helper. Yep, you guessed it, the guy-friend, Doug. Talk about swallowing my pride! He talked me through every game play-by-play until I could almost do it myself.

Now, 10 seasons in, I admit I don’t know it all, but I have learned a great deal about my man’s passion. We talk football all year - he even pretends to like our conversations! Seriously, not only have I learned the sport, surprisingly, I have discovered that I love it! I am hands-down the most animated fan in the stands. The reason for the shift? I now understand the sport - I do get it!

Just like I realized I needed to get in-tune with my husband’s passion in order to grow and nurture our relationship, we must realize we need to do the same thing in our relationship with God. In order to nurture and grow our spiritual lives, we have to learn what God is passionate about. Amazingly, we do not instinctively know this.

Once we determine to get serious about our relationship with God, as the seasons of life pass, we will be able to learn and grow. The best part is, we won’t just be a cheerleader or a bystander, we will become the play makers in our own lives.

If this seems overwhelming at best, or boring at least - I get that too! Though I have been in church all of my life, pursuing my own relationship with God seemed impossible; and sometimes, reading the Bible was confusing, dull, and boring. So, for years, I was a fan in the stands, a pew warmer, a choir singer and a bell ringer. I cheered on my church and my pastor, but not with true understanding.

So, with minimal knowledge, and no passion for the pursuit, I thought I was okay. Looking around, I was doing what everyone else was doing. That’s okay, right?  Life went on. I went to college, I got married, and started a family. Life moved us back to my hometown, where I realized I was short on friends; and then, someone invited me to a Bible study. It was also enticing because they provided free childcare for my preschool daughter. Free babysitting and an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and make some new ones, brought me right through the door. I didn’t mean to, and I never saw it coming, but during the course of this study I fell in love with the Savior of my soul, Jesus Christ. I was also re-introduced to His Holy Word; which I found thrilling and challenging in such wonderful ways.

Let me tell you that a relationship with Jesus and the study of the Bible is the wildest ride this side of eternity. Remember my helper, at the football games? Good news! Jesus sends us a helper too. He sends His Holy Spirit to take up residence in our lives, so He can coach us through life, play-by-play. We will learn what God’s passion is and we will LOVE it

I once heard Beth Moore (one of my favorite authors and Bible teachers) say, in her thick Texas drawl, “There ain’t no high like The Most High!” She is so right!

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  1. Our pastor has been preaching on knowing God's love languages and really loving Him back. I think that's what you mean by knowing what God is passionate about. Thanks for the encouragement!


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