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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life lesson #8 on my trip to Honduras

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by Pam Roth
Come...come insisted Luisa’s mother as we walked down the long corridor of her house toward the back door.  I have something special I want to show you.  

As we stepped outside of the main house into the drizzling rain, mama, as I fondly called her, dashed out ahead of us into a small wooden dwelling.  Once inside, she immediately walked over to what she wanted to show us - an authentic clay oven.  
It was dark inside the building, so mama swung open the hinged covered windows.  One by one the natural light began to flood into the space where we were standing.  Every window seemed to frame a small part of the beautiful yard and garden just outside of the building.  Standing in the middle of the room, listening to the gentle falling rain was quiet and peaceful; and it felt like we had just stepped back in time.

Methodically, mama began to build a fire for her clay oven.  While she struck a match to light the fire, she looked up at me with a smile and said, “This is one of my favorite things.”  It was so obvious that something so simple could genuinely bring pure joy.  Then I asked, “What is it about the clay oven that you love?”  And she said, quietly…. “the memories.” 

Memories often come out of the simple things in life.  This was such a great life lesson about what we truly value. 

When is the last time you assessed what you value in life?  For most of us, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily routine of life.  We lose sight of the things that we treasure and we allow the mundane of life to snatch away our time. 

Let me encourage you this week to pay attention to where you extend most of your effort.  Make a mental note or better yet, write down the amount of time you spend working, hanging out on Facebook or whatever else you may do.  Then ask yourself, “How much time am I investing in what I value most?” 

Once we realize what brings us pure joy and a deep sense of satisfaction, we will want to simplify our lives even more, so that we can dwell in that special place.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to quit our job or put everything else on hold; but it important we find a healthy balance in what we do.  Just like Luisa’s mama loved slipping away from her daily routine in the main house to her smaller dwelling in the garden, we too can find peace and rest in the midst of our busiest day.    

A few questions to ponder this week:

When was the last time you took an assessment of what you truly value?

What do you need to simplify some of the areas of your life?

Where do you find peace and rest?

How are you making memories?

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