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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life lesson #12 on my trip to Honduras

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by Pam Roth
I’ve been praying about a significant way to end this series.  So, I chose to write about something that happened toward the end of our trip, something that might be applicable to all of us.

Early on, as Luisa and I began to plan our trip to Honduras, we started talking about the possibility of taking a trip to the Island of Roatan.  With a full schedule, traveling to see Luisa’s family and friends and two conferences, we weren’t sure if or when it would work for us to go to the Island.  However, being hopeful things would fall into place, we continued to talk about the likelihood of the trip happening, and penciled it in for two full days at the end of our stay in Honduras.  

Because Luisa hadn’t been to Roatan since she was a child, she was excited about the prospects of making the trip and shared the plans with her mom; while staying with her in Santa Rosa.  As the two weeks of our trip were coming to an end, it became apparent we would be able to go to the Island.  So, we finalized our arrangements with friends living on the Island, and Luisa’s mom decided to join us.  Now, there were three of us with our hearts set on going to Roatan. 

We stayed with a friend of Luisa’s the night before the trip to Roatan.  I got very little sleep because I was so excited about going to a place people were calling “a little piece of paradise.”   And secondly, I didn’t sleep because it was raining.  Not just a light rain, it was storming.  Storming so much all I could think about was the fact the boat would not go to the Island if the weather was bad. 

Could it be possible the storm would last through the night and end by morning?  Well, that was definitely my hopes and prayers; however, the next morning, it continued to rain.  It was raining so hard on the way to the port, we almost asked the taxi driver to turn around and take us back to where we had been staying.  Instead, we decided the ship would not travel across the water if it was too dangerous, so we continued on to the port...unloaded our luggage, purchased our tickets and watched the pouring rain from inside the terminal.  

It rained...and rained...and rained.  About an hour later, it was time to board the ship, and the rain seemed to slow down to a mere mist.  People enthusiastically began boarding the ship.  At first, we went to the top deck of the boat because we had heard that it was the best place to “keep our eyes on the horizon.” 

With rain threatening, we decided to move inside the cabin of the ship.  Repeatedly, we were cautioned to “keep our eyes on the horizon.”  “If you do this,” we were told, as they dispensed dramamine, “you are less likely to get motion sickness.”  And so, the one-hour jaunt across the waters from the mainland to the Island of Roatan began.

All seemed to be going well and then…

Yes, you guessed it.  With every movement, as the ship tried desperately to work its way against the waves across the choppy waters, people began to get sick.  All around us, one by one, you could see happy faces turning into unhappy, pale faces...looking as though they were going to faint or become ill at any moment. In front of us, a young lady was so sick, she couldn’t hold her head up.  Then behind us, a toddler became ill and his parents tried to comfort him as he began crying.  And all the while, I kept thinking, “keep your eyes on the horizon.”  Whatever you do, don’t look down. 

And then, I heard Luisa in almost a whisper say, “I think I’m sick.”  Oh, no!  Now, the chance of all three of us becoming ill had just increased.  You know that psychological impact when someone else gets sick and then you succome to the affects of being sick.  Yikes!  Stay focused Pam...stay focused. 

So the ship was lapping up the waves, the people inside were managing the best they could, Luisa's mom and I were trying to care for Luisa and all the time trying to “keep my eyes on the horizon.”

Wow!  What an adventure.  In all of the planning, it never entered our minds that people would become ill traveling from the mainland to the Island.  Maybe it was naivety that kept us moving forward.  And for me, “keeping my eyes on the horizon.” 

Once we docked in Roatan, we heard story after story how most people experience motion sickness on their way to the Island; yet, they are able to return without any side effects.  So in other words, there is not a good way to get to this beautiful place without paying a price to see its beauty; however, once you are there….the trip home is smooth sailing. 

Here are some questions to ponder:

In what way can you relate to this article?

When was the last time you were met with a challenge; however, you kept pressing forward believing that it would be worth the experience?

What has you “keeping your eyes on the horizon?”

How does the trip to Roatan relate to your spiritual journey?

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