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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life lesson #11 on my trip to Honduras

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by Pam Roth
Do you ever wish you could get off the merry go round of life?  Is your life anything like mine, where you find yourself pushing the envelope sometimes?  The weeks and months seem to fly by, your schedule is full all of the time; and the things you promised you would get around to never happen because you just keep pushing them out further and further.  

Perhaps secretly, most of us long for a simpler time.  A time when cell phones and text messages didn’t dictate our schedules.  When every home had a phone tethered to the wall, and when we were at work, we worked and when we came home, we got away from work and focused on our family and other interests in our lives.

While in Honduras, I had the opportunity to actually experience a “flashback in time.”  Mostly, driving through small and rural villages, we saw people on their horse or mule-drawn carts traveling down the roads.  Quietly and persistently, they would climb the hills while carrying a heavy load of wood, wares, or food.  

As we traveled, I paid particular attention to the horse-drawn carts. The dichotomy of carts alongside the vehicles on bustling roads allured me to thoughts of a simpler, more peaceful place.  It was easy to let my mind go rest from other things going on around me.

Since returning home, there are actually times when I close my eyes and see those carts climbing a hill or I see the quiet, steadfast faces of the men and women driving the carts, focused on their destination. 

When I allow myself to go there.  To actually choose to slow down my pace and rest in the moment, it helps me to refocus and redirect my path for the day.  Honestly, it is refreshing!

So let me ask you a few questions….

What keeps you bustling?

When is the last time you slowed down long enough to take an assessment of your life?

Where do you find rest?

What steps would you like to take to get refocused and redirect your path?

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