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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life lesson #1 learned on my trip to Honduras

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by Pam Roth
We’ve all heard… “get rid of the extra baggage that weighs you down”… “you need to cut your losses” or we’ve read the scripture verse about “laying aside every weight that slows us down” (Hebrews 12:1 ESV).  Well, this was my very first life lesson learned from my trip to Honduras.

Everything was going well.  We arrived at the airport in New Orleans in good time and there was a short line to check in our luggage.  Well, until I heard the words – 10 pounds overweight.  Yes, it’s true, my suitcase was 10 pounds over the allowed weight for the plane.

After recovering from the shock of the announcement, I was on the floor with my suitcase wide open and reassessing what I had packed.  And so, the stress was on.  What would I eliminate?  What a painstaking process packing had been, so to think of what to eliminate in a matter of minutes was the last thing that I wanted to do.  With the help of my family, we began the process of pulling items out of my suitcase and then weighing the suitcase again to see if I had met the limit.  On the third trip to the scale, my suitcase finally qualified with an acceptable weight.

Throughout my trip, I reflected on the image of my suitcase lying on the floor, wide open for everyone around to see; and me on my knees, rummaging through my belongings deciding what was worthy of the trip. Wow!  What a picture for me to consider what I found to be important at that moment.  Honestly, none of what I packed was that significant, I just needed to let go.

And speaking of letting go...the words of my daughter asking if I needed all of the “travel wear” that I had packed, came back to challenge me.  “Of course”… “yes”…was my answer.  “It doesn’t wrinkle and I may need it.”  Well, that statement proved to be completely wrong.  Oh, the travel knit outfits never wrinkled; but, they weighed a ton and I never ended up wearing one piece.  So, every time I had to pick up my suitcase or drag it around with me, I was reminded of the travel knit outfits that were “weighing me down.”

Gently and quietly, the Holy Spirit has repeatedly reminded me of how I had already determined what to take on the trip; and that I felt confident about my decision.  But then….

  • I started asking others their opinions.
  • I started doubting myself. 
  • I was concerned that I may not have what I needed and there wouldn’t be a way to replace it.
It’s a good thing that one of my daughters encouraged me to take things to intentionally leave with others along the way on my trip; that is exactly what I did.  As I felt prompted, I would leave an article of clothing or something that I had brought with me on the trip.  In one of our stops, I met a lady who sold clothing and other items on a street corner near her home.  I asked her if she could sell used items and at first she said, “no” and then she said, “but, if you have something for me, I could sell it.”  So, I left her with some things to sell. 

What a great life lesson for me – I learned to trust in what I believe.  To know that once I have prayed about something and believe I am being obedient, I don’t need to be swayed by others or feel less confident about my decision. items to others along the way allowed my suitcase to weigh 10 pounds less than when I started the trip.  With the decision to intentionally give things away, I literally learned “to lay aside the weight that was slowing me down.” 

What is keeping you from moving forward?

Who is encouraging you?

How can you drop the weight that is slowing you down? 

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  1. "What a great life lesson for me – I learned to trust in what I believe. To know that once I have prayed about something and believe I am being obedient, I don’t need to be swayed by others or feel less confident about my decision."
    I love this!

    1. Thank you, Heather. I appreciate your encouragement.

    2. Loved Life Lesson 1 : I am a Over Packer myself and often times have trouble of letting things go out of fear that I may need it. Which means that I am not Truly trusting in God's Provision... Good Stuff

    3. Kim...thanks for sharing. Your thought on "truly trusting God" is great! That means 100%...without a shadow of a doubt. Wow! That's a challenge for all of us.


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