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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Messy Ministry

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by Cyndi Coleman
Our family morning routine concludes with me leaving our home last. So, it is up to me turn everything off and lock up. One morning, not too long ago, I was really in a rush to do these last minute tasks.  I was already running late, when I noticed a distressed bird trapped in our screen porch. As I bolted the sliding glass door and headed out, my heart sank. I knew what I should do. But I delayed… “You will definitely be late for work if you stop to help this bird,” I argued with myself.

Now, I had a decision to make.  I could leave the bird and get to work on time, or I could save the bird and be late. Since this was not our first trapped bird, I knew it could be a long and drawn out process. The bird was frantic and flying into the screens over and over desperate to escape. I knew that in a short time, she would be dead or lying on the cold concrete floor with something broken. I could not stand it. I unlatched the door and hurried to help. I tried to shew her this way and that, to no avail. Finally, I cried out and asked in Jesus’ name for her to take my direction and go toward the now-open door. As I live and breath, she went directly out the door at that moment. Immediately, I thanked Jesus and then made my own hurried flight to work.

I know you are wondering if I was late to work. In a happy-ending type story, the heroine always wins - or gets to work on time - her reward for doing the right thing, right? Wrong; well, at least sometimes. I was late. I clocked in about 10 minutes late, to be exact.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could conveniently schedule times to help the needy, stressed, or lost? How about that coworker or friend you know does not know the Lord? Wouldn’t it be nice if they came rushing in begging for you to tell them all about Jesus? I know, you mean to. You want to; it just hasn’t been the right time. Is there ever the perfect time? Sometimes the perfect time is now.

Often the real problem is our priorities. Ouch! That hurt didn’t it? I knew when I saw the trapped bird what the right decision was. There were no other options; it was up to me to help her or nobody help her. From my earthly perspective, I am on my way from point A to point B and almost always short on time. From God’s perspective, I am headed to a divine appointment to do the very Kingdom work I have begged him to entrust me with. I think I have been interrupted, or worse, inconvenienced; but, God has designed my day with this divine moment of messy ministry as top priority. It really is a matter of perspective. I have spent countless hours asking God to provide me with opportunities to witness to the lost, minister to the hurting, help the needy, or encourage the down-and-out; and many other similar situations. Maybe, just maybe, he has sent them my way; but, I was too distracted and too busy to even notice them. When we ask God to provide the very thing we exist for - ministering to his children and glorifying him - he will always deliver. How many divine opportunities and appointments have we missed while focused on the false securities and phony priorities of this fallen world?

Many of the things we stress ourselves with have no lasting significance, no eternal value whatsoever. However, the world has convinced us that _________________ (you fill in the blank: new car, cute clothes for our kids, vacations...whatever) is so important that we are willing to become consumed with the consumable, forsaking the eternal.

What are some things that you know you are striving for that are not worthy of your stress and energy?

When was the last time you believe God interrupted your plans to lead you to a divine, but messy ministry opportunity?

How did you respond?

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