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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Aiming of an Arrow

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by Cyndi Coleman
Every day, I write a quote for the day on the whiteboard at the front of my classroom. When I began doing this, I wasn’t sure my students would even notice. On days when I forget, they are quick to remind me! Today, I decided to use a Bible verse from the book of Psalm. As I was flipping through my Bible, what caught my eye was pen markings around the verse from another time when I read it.

Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” There are penned brackets around the verse, and above the word “instruct,”  I had written in the margin, “the aiming of an arrow.” 

When we follow God in faith and are in constant contact with Him through Bible study and prayer, He will instruct us; He says so. He knows what He has planned for us to do. We are alive because He has a specific purpose for us; things to be done that only we can achieve. When we allow ourselves to surrender to His plans, and not our own, we become an arrow in the Master Archer’s very capable hands. He holds us, places us in His bow and instructs us with perfect aim, exactly where we should go. We need only wait and trust.

The hard part is waiting! Rather than waiting for the Master to pluck us from the quiver for His divine aiming, it is often much easier to ask the advice of trusted family and friends and move forward on our own. This is something, I admit, I am tempted to do all the time. After all, we can physically see and audibly hear them.  While having that support system is profoundly important in our lives; when it is time to discern specific direction, it should come directly from God. 

Since I am currently seeking God’s will about a particular situation, this verse is very timely. How like Him to remind me of it today. He loves us so  much. I still don’t know which direction to go, or when He will pluck me from the quiver, but I am waiting and trusting. Though it is hard to wait at times, my wait will not be in vain. His plan and timing are perfect. He is never late.

Do you find yourself in a decision making season of life?

Are you willing to allow God to pluck you from the comfort-zone of the quiver?

Are you willing to allow His aim for your life?

Whose will are you following today, yours or His?

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