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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The storms of life

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by Cyndi Coleman
I was raised in church and have heard the story of Job many, many times. I have learned a lot about myself and God each time. Sometimes I reminisce about a lesson God taught me, while other times I learn something completely new and fresh. Today was a day that one of these verses really stood out as though I had never read it before.

“Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm” Job 38:1.

Isn’t it intriguing that God chose to speak from within a storm? God could have chosen anything or any way. He could have used another burning bush, a cloud, a shining star, a host of angels, anything. Storms are frightening, and earlier in Job 2:18-19, a storm of sorts had taken the lives of all Job’s children.

So, why the storm?

Because God is in the storms of life with us. We are never, ever alone. He has never said we will not experience storms. Peruse the scriptures and you will find pages riddled with people experiencing all manner of storms. God speaks from within our storms, strengthening and teaching us.

God began to teach Job all that he would have otherwise never learned. God revealed himself to Job in new ways. Job
would have learned nothing and not had a revelation if he had run from the storm. He stood and faced it because he understood that God was within and would remain faithful.

What do you do when you see life’s storm clouds building in your life? How about those surprise downpours you cannot escape? Do you panic, do you run? Sometimes we can run from literal storms, but we cannot escape our lives or the Lord.

Darling daughter of the Most High, he is within the swirling winds so near to you. Listen to him; he is teaching you. Just as the storm thundered in, it surely will pass. Revel in the rain as God reveals himself to you with new surprises he longs to make known to you at your most vulnerable time. Let Jesus love you through it.

How has God revealed himself in the past through a life storm?

What storms are you facing today?

What do you think God may be trying to show you?

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