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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cruisin’ Through Life

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by Pam Roth
Next week is Cruisin’ the Coast.  Thousands of cars come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a week of events centered on classic cars, food and fun.  All along highway 90 you will see cars on display or on the road just cruisin’ with no particular place to go.  The traffic along the beachfront will be even more congested than usual and the locals will have to find alternate routes to travel to work, school or an appointment. 

So, here’s the question on my mind…Are you just cruisin’ through life or do you have a plan?  If you don’t have a plan, how are you going to get to where you want to go?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several conversations with people who are seeking the answers to those questions.  Almost every one of them said, “I feel stuck.”  “I want things to change but I just keep doing the same thing over and over and getting nowhere.”  Independently, all of them asked me the same question… “So, what’s the secret?” 

When I invited them to tell me more, they began to give me alternative routes that they could take to reach their desired destination.  But close behind, came all of the obstacles to taking those routes.  Most commonly, I heard how it takes too long to find a new way of doing things or how they don’t have the energy to invest in staying on course once they’ve made the discovery.  Some of the comments pointed to other people interrupting their schedules or interfering with their plans.  And one person said in a frustrated tone, “I guess this is just the way it is going to be for me right now.  Nothing is going to change.”

Can you relate?  I know, there are times I can relate.  Well, if you don’t mind, I would like to encourage you by sharing some comments from three clients who recently completed the coaching process?

“Pam, I thank you so much. I didn’t know anything about life coaching. I believe everyone could benefit from it, especially when someone is facing life changing decisions, or tough times. It really made me stop and think about my needs for the first time in many years. I learned so much… I feel stronger and much more confident. I know I will use what I have learned for the rest of my life.”

"The coaching experience came at a very good time for me as I was anticipating several significant life changes at once.  As a result of working with you, as my life coach, I feel I gained some timely insight into who I am during an important time of transition.  I feel better equipped to cope with the changes ahead and better prepared to make decisions as they come my way."

“The experience of participating in life coaching with Pam has truly been transformational for me.  I am most grateful for the spiritual direction that I experienced in this process…  I know I will look back at these past twelve weeks and see them as a pivotal time in my adult life journey.”

So, how can you live life on purpose instead of just cruisin’ through life?  What’s the secret?                                     

Here’s a few steps to consider to live a life on purpose:

  1. Begin with a heart of gratitude.  Take time to note all of the things that are going right in your life and all of the blessings you enjoy on a daily basis. 
  2. Dedicate at least an hour of your day to spending time with the Lord and personal development.  Take a walk, exercise, pray, and read the Bible or an inspirational devotional.  Read or listen to a message that encourages you to work on an area of improvement in your life.  Take steps toward total wellbeing.
  3. Get centered and stay balanced.  Invite the Lord to be the center of your life and then return to the center throughout the day.  Do not swing too far to the left or the right; but find balance in everything you do.
  4. Stay focused.  Stephen Covey suggests that you divide your day into blocks of time so you can stay focused on one project until it is complete.  Try to limit your time reading email or surfing the internet. Have a particular time to work on the computer at home and shut it down at a reasonable hour. 
  5. Dare to dream. Go ahead, dream about the way you would like things to be in your life.  Write your thoughts down and share them with people you trust.
  6. Surround yourself with positive influences.  Be around people who will encourage you in your journey.  Find an accountability partner or hire a life coach.
  7. Determine to make the right choices, intentionally.  This takes practice and commitment because it will not come easy.  Without a purpose, it is easy to drift in a different direction. 

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