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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Lord’s Ocean of Love

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by Cyndi Coleman
Today, my daughter, Cameryn, showed me a picture she discovered of baby sea turtles hatching from their eggs. As she pulled the picture away, she remarked, “It’s too bad only a few will actually survive.” We have watched enough nature shows to know about the harsh world these tender turtles encounter beyond the nest. In fact, sadly, only 1% of these turtles survive to reach adulthood. They usually fall prey to crabs or flocks of gulls, all before they can reach the ocean. 

Upon hatching, these babies are headed straight for the ocean. It is innate within them to go straight for the water. There are no parental guides, nothing but instinct driving them. These tiny turtles have two things happening at once - predators threatening to take them out and the safety of the ocean calling them onward.

We, like these turtles, are lives full of potential and vitality. We may be different people driven by different things; but, we are heading to our own version of the ocean. We have the pressures of life and the ultimate predator, Satan, (1 Peter 5:8);however, we also have a drive in our hearts pushing us forward to the sweet safety of our Savior. Sadly, like the turtles, it seems there are only few Christians that reach the “adulthood” of their faith because of the obstacles of this life.

There are millions of us surviving, but are we reaching all that God has in store for us? The God of Heaven did not create us for mere survival or mediocrity. He created us with purpose and a passion beyond our imaginations. God created us to flourish and blossom under his radiant love for us.

We can refuse to settle for less and push forward, driven by a holy God’s purpose planted deep within us (“He has set eternity in the human heart” Ecclesiastes 3:11). Our God longs for us to plunge deep within his vast ocean of love and adventure. By hatching ourselves from the mundane, we can head for the living water of Jesus to pursue the life He intended for us to live. Jesus often referred to himself as living water. Indeed, he is very much alive and able to quench the thirst of even the most parched souls.

Trust the drive within you to seek after more of God. You were created for it. Plunge into the pages of his word and he will lead you to new depths of understanding and love. (John 8:31-32)

Do you set aside  time to spend reading God’s word?

How might your walk with God change as you increase or decrease time spent with him?

Currently, how are you pursuing the life God has in store for you?

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The purpose of Relevant Women:
Relevant Women exists to train women to minister relevantly, to discover and grow in God’s call in their lives and to serve in their churches as godly leaders.

RW accomplishes this by:
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