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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life Traffic

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by Cyndi Coleman
Know the feeling when you escape getting a traffic ticket? Currently, I am on a five-year streak of “ticketlessness” that I am not eager to break! Here’s what happened a few weeks ago that almost changed everything.  I was trying to turn left across oncoming traffic. I was in the appropriate turn lane and my blinker was on; however, as I prepared to make my move, the green arrow changed - meaning I had to yield to oncoming traffic to turn. I got so focused on the fact there was a break in traffic that when the break came, the light was no longer green; it had changed to red. Of course, I noticed this as I was already turning.

Often in life, we come to intersections where change is either a must or a convenient possibility. We are in our vehicles navigating through life and our God is our divine traffic light. For the most part, we are willing to go by the light system. However, I believe I am not alone in my urge to speed when in a hurry and go when I should stop while distracted. Life gets congested and we get distracted in this rush-hour world. However, when we get negligent on the road, there are consequences to our actions. Sirens wail and we get that sinking feeling that it’s for us. I usually run through a series of really good reasons why I am breaking the law, that just maybe Mr. Officer will buy... you too? He doesn’t know me, maybe he will sympathize with me. But, the truth is, there are laws and I should do my part to drive according to them. Why? Because these laws are good for me and they keep me safe, as well as you and a multitude of other people.

When life presents us with options, we should first stop and pray. After all, God knows what the best choice for our life is. He can see the end result. He knows what consequences will arise from our choices, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is easy when the answer is all so clear to us and it makes sense.  If you are like I have been at times, we use our prayer time as a backup confirmation plan. The decision is already made, we wait for the green light from God and we proceed with pleasure. However, we have all been driving through life enough to know that there are many situations that are not that easy. What if both options look good, then what?

Friend, I promise you, there is only one route that God has designed for you. Not taking it can result in disasters we cannot imagine. God designed your course according to the plan he crafted only for you. Both choices may seem harmless, but if you recklessly choose without cautioning to pray and watch for God’s signal; you will miss out on his perfect plan for your life.

Just like it is important to buckle up and pay attention to the rules of the road, it is inherent that we buckle up with God’s word, so we can hear him speaking to us. It is important that we watch for His signals as we live and make decisions. He will always be faithful to speak and show us the way. However, if we are too distracted making our own decisions or watching and listening to others, we will miss his direction.

What decisions are you faced with today that you need to stop and pray over?

What keeps you from running all of the red lights?

Are there situations that seem good, but you don’t necessarily have the green light?

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