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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The web of destruction

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by Cyndi Coleman
Yesterday afternoon, I found myself pondering a question posed in my current Bible study. Often God, himself rescues us from the clutches of sin that render us helpless and often, hopeless. However, sometimes he desires to script someone else into the scene who is willing to come along and help. The burning question; why? Why would God, the Almighty, ever do this? Why use fallible man?

Many people have sought to help me over the years, and it is easy to see that their help was a divine appointment from God. Also, humbling, but true, there have been times the Lord has allowed, even me, to help someone through a hard time. So, there is no doubting that he works this way, but the question remains, why? 

So, in my heart, I posed the question, “Lord, why do you do this?” As I sat and waited, my eyes fell to a minor rumble developing on my porch; a mosquito-hawk had drifted into a spider’s web. At first it was a minor entanglement, nothing life threatening; just life’s average mishap, a slip-up, just like sin.

As I watched, the insect began to struggle to free himself from the problem. Unfortunately, the destructor was already on his way. As the mosquito-hawk struggled, he only became more trapped. The spider, very patient, was methodically making his way to his prey with obvious intentions for the victim; just as he had for many in the past. There were other lifeless creatures hanging from the web and the mosquito-hawk was going to be next... unless... someone helped. I decided I could help; I could flick away the spider and untangle the insect.

But, I felt silly, what do I know about mosquito-hawks and spiders? Who am I to interfere? What does it matter anyway? Some make it, some don’t; its a mosquito-hawk for crying out loud! Despite this, I was compelled to help. I leaped from my chair and in a moment, the insect was untangled. I thought my efforts were in vain, he  was flipped upside down and had a broken leg. I lent a finger, he grasped on, then took flight. In spite of myself, I felt overjoyed at this seemingly insignificant triumph. I grinned from ear to ear.

In the same way, God allows us the supreme privilege to get involved in his work because he loves us and desires to bless us with this joy. We have all been involved in entanglements, who better to help another than one who has already experienced the same struggle or similar trap? We know the fear of entrapment and the joy of freedom; we should comfort those in need with the only thing that can help them, the love of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)!

What experience from your past do you think God could use to help others?

When the opportunity arises, are you ready to share your story of God’s power in your life?

Will you allow God to use you? 

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  1. Donnas Hertenstein

    God, absolutely, gives us the chance for joy when we share our experiences for another's good. I've been able to comfort other women facing breast cancer. Without that experience I wouldn't have a clue how that other woman felt. When a person thanks me for being there, I feel such a joy, that I can't even describe it. The word tells us that we are to share the comfort He has given us with others.

    1. Donnas,

      Thank you for sharing your story of God's grace in your life and how you've been able to encourage others going through the same thing. Blessings on your life as you continue to serve him through your life.

  2. Growing up in a very dysfunctional Home, in an abusive atmosphere , I married into abuse also I guess I feel like if I am not being mistreated or hit on some thing feels out of place. So pray for complete restoration in me from all I have lived thru while God is healing the hur.ts in me, also for surgery I go for surgery tuesday for a hysterotomy

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and prayer requests. The Relevant Women team will be praying for you.

  3. What a wonderful article! It is so true and I have been the spider, the mosquito hawk, and even the rescuer at some point in my life! Oh what wonderful joy comes with healing as God gently "frees" us and "untangles" us from the mess we make in our lives. Thank you Jesus for dying in my place and giving grace so freely! As we share our journey, we take the foothold away from the devil and allow God to use ALL things for His glory. Pass it along.

  4. "Anonymous," I could not agree more! We have all been through a particular journey in our lives, and hopefully learned our lessons. When we choose to come alongside another and help them learn from our mistakes, that can be so powerful for both parties. I believe once we have experienced redemption from our Lord, it is our duty to aid others, sharing our experience and story as needed. I have been the rescued and been allowed to participate in rescue-missions with the Lord. It is an incredible honor that I cannot adequately describe! To Donnas, Pam, and our anonymous friends, thank you for sharing! We will indeed be praying!


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