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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Knock at the Door and the Voice Beyond

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by Cyndi Coleman
It was a hectic time trying to get packed up to return home after our last vacation.  There were twelve of us scurrying around trying to make sure we got everything packed into the appropriate suitcases and there were multiple trips being made to the cars. At one point, I pulled my younger daughter, Catheryn, from the pack of cousins running and playing.  I gave her instructions to stand still at the door to wait for her daddy’s return from the car, so she could let him back through the locked door at the hotel. Once she agreed to stay at the door, I warned her to listen for his voice after the knock, so she would know it was safe to open the door.

How was she to know it was her father’s voice and therefore safe to open the door? She has learned his voice through seven years of listening. Her daddy could also call her by name to verify because he knows her and she belongs to him. However, neither of those things would have mattered if she had not done two important things. She had to pull away from her cousins for a while and remain still and listen.

Our heavenly daddy, God, stands at the door of our hearts and knocks (Revelation 3:20). Do we pull away from the demands of life long enough to listen? When God calls us by name, will we hear his voice (John 10:3-5)? God longs for us to not only open the door to him, but to also allow Him to lead us through this life.

Why is it necessary to recognize the voice of our heavenly Father? The truth is, many people and things knock on our heart’s door, don’t they? Some things are pleasant such as love, friendship, family, and opportunity. However, there are still other things that creep up to our doors like pride, fear, temptation, or self-loathing. When we are in relationship with the Lord, the Bible says we will know his voice, “the sheep (that’s us) listen to his voice. he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out” (John 10:3). Ladies, it is essential that we are listening, so when He speaks we can hear and be obedient to open the door and follow him.

How do you make time to pull away to spend time in prayer or Bible reading?

Has God been knocking on your heart’s door about something recently?

Friend, I encourage you to get alone with God, open your heart to him and he will lead you. God is knocking and waiting.  He wants to lead you in love. However, the opening of the heart’s door rests solely in your hands. I want to encourage you not to miss God calling you by name.  Unlock the door to your not be afraid.  Now, what would you like to do?

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  1. WOW! What a great illustration. So many times I have asked myself, "Is this of God, or is this myself?" Thanks for writing this!

  2. This is something I am constantly thinking about, "Is this God, or is this me?" I so earnestly want to do whatever God wants me to. Now, to be clear, there are times that I am absolutely certain it is God. However, for the times that I feel uncertain, I do a couple of things that help me: 1. I pray and bluntly admit to God that I am unsure and ask Him to confirm the message if it was from Him; if it is not Him, I ask Him to dissipate or debunk the thought. 2. I search the Bible for any link to the topic at hand. If it is good with Scripture, that is a good thing. If it is something that the Bible is against, IT IS NOT from God. He will NEVER tell you to do anything against the Bible, for it is His word. 3. Talk to a trusted (Godly) friend to see what their opinion or idea is. 4. Wait for God to give more direction. As illustrated above, knowing and "hearing" the voice of God is something that we get better at over time through intentionally developing a deeper relationship with Him. Hope this helps!


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