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Thursday, August 29, 2013


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by Cyndi Coleman
Have you ever heard of a horse fly? Better yet, have you ever been bitten by a horse fly? Yikes! It hurts!! I thought maybe they were called horse flies since they can be large in size, but I suspect it is more because they are intensely attracted to horses.

My parents have two horses, Daisy and Lacey. When the weather began getting steamy, the flies came out in droves, so my dad bought some horse fly repellent for the horses. He applied it to Lacey with no problem. However, when he attempted to spray Daisy, it was difficult to get any on her at all because she was afraid of the bottle.

About a week later, Lacey was fine, but Daisy looked as though she had tangled with barbed wire. Her face, chest, and legs were matted with dried blood. Without adequate repellant, she had suffered fly torment for days.

How many times have we gone through seasons of life unprotected because we do not trust God to properly prepare us. We must learn to follow God’s leading even when it seems scary, or we don’t understand. To properly follow after God in any way, we must have and exercise faith! Two verses, which speak on the value of faith, come from the book of Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.” Then verse six goes on to read, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  In Romans 1:5, Paul tells us that our obedience comes from our faith. 

Since Daisy did not have faith in her master, she missed out on what was best for her.  Her lack of faith led her into disobedience; which, denied her the blessing of pleasing her master and of being properly prepared for what her future held. Like Daisy, we must learn to trust our Master.  When we learn to trust God, we step forward in faith being certain he will take care of us. This also develops within us a spirit of expectancy; we learn to expect great things from God coming from the fruit of our faith and obedience. We become expectant of what we cannot yet see him doing. This pleases the Lord and allows us to be used for His good pleasure. Obedience provides protection and blessing in our lives.

What opportunities or blessings have you missed due to a lack of faith in God?

Can you see the protection or provision that may have been provided for you, if you had had adequate faith which led to obedience?

What might you do differently the next time?

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The purpose of Relevant Women:
Relevant Women exists to train women to minister relevantly, to discover and grow in God’s call in their lives and to serve in their churches as godly leaders.

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  1. Cyndi...I am proud of you. Awesome job.

  2. It's all Him; I am just humbled to be along for the ride!! Love you :)


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