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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is real?

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by Teresa Houchin
Thursday's Devotional from ONE 2013

We live in a world where many things seem real, but often aren’t.  It may be the character you are playing in a video game, the perception of beauty in a magazine, or the words “I Love You” spoken by someone in your life.

If you had to describe what determines something to be real, how would you describe it?

The things we literally see around us are evidence of something being real. It may be your bed, the car you ride in, the basketball you use, or the orange you eat. If something can be seen or touched, we have a pretty good idea of it being real. Do you ever watch the tv shows that are specific to determining whether an item is authentic and real? The experts can determine authenticity by the markings they see and the expertise they know about the item.  What are sometimes hard to determine as real is the relationships we have with others. Each of us at some time or another have experienced disappointment with the way someone hurt us or what we thought was real about someone, really wasn’t. It might be a friend or a family member that has hurt you. You may feel that you can’t trust someone again, but there is someone who is real and will never change. More real than a great meal deal at DQ! More real than the winning score! More real than the air you breathe!

The one who created you and knows you best is real and so is His love. In fact, God’s love is so real, that he gave his only family member to be tortured for you. Check this out - Romans 8:31-39

Now that is real!

Go back through the scriptures and circle all the things God did for you. Now, underline all the promises God gives to you.

Nothing can separate us from His LOVE. God sees you just as you are and pursues us every day.  It doesn’t matter what we have done or what we will do in the future. He sees the real you and loves you.

Do you fully understand the love God showed YOU when he gave his Son for you?  Describe what that means to you.

This week you may have an opportunity to share with someone what you know to be real, it may be someone who hasn’t experienced the “real deal” from God.  We challenge you to share with someone how you know God is real.

Who could you share with this week or when you go back home?

Now, in order to share God, we need to be real ourselves. Sometimes it is through our words, but it is most often through our actions.  

What can you do this week to be real to those you are working alongside or those you are serving?

Let’s go back to the experts on the tv shows who determine what is real.  They use markings and have spent enough time studying the item to know if it is real.  

When someone spends time with you, what markings are you showing for them to know if you are authentic?

Take a few moments to ask God to shine through you and to be real for His Glory.
Today, if you notice someone being real, encourage them with a fist bump and tell them they’re the REAL DEAL!

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