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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Release your fear

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by Angie Hegstrom
Wednesday's Devotional from ONE 2013
About 14 years ago, while on a mission trip to Colorado, we decided to go white water rafting on our “off” day.  We loaded up the vans and headed to the Colorado River with our team.  

It was a beautiful June day; but, because of the large amount of snow they received during the winter, the water was both colder and higher than usual.  The rafting company gave us all wet suits to wear and a quick lesson in white water rafting.  We then divided up in three rafts and pushed off the edge.  

I felt a little nervous when we started; but, I quickly settled in once we were floating down the river.  It was surprisingly peaceful and serene.  Eventually, our paddling wrapped up around the bend where we would stop and eat a picnic lunch.  We finished eating and talking about our lack of rafting adventures thus far and loaded the rafts again for our final leg of our trip.  

Our three boats were one in front of the other and the need to begin picking up our pace of paddling was increasing.  We turned the corner and our guide yelled for us to paddle and stay away from the swirling water to the right.  Well, believe it or not we began paddling hard, then harder, trying to brace ourselves to keep from going to the right.

However, it felt like our guide was leading us right in the direction of the swirling water (which they call an eddy); and, before you know it, in one quick swipe our raft was being sucked into the fast moving swirl.  The next thing I remember, was going up and out of the boat into the freezing (and I mean freezing) cold, fast moving water.  We were all being sucked down into the water; all of us moving in different directions.  The cold water made it hard to breathe and the fast movement made it even harder to get your bearing.  Quickly (even though I’m pretty sure it felt like eternity), we had gathered together and began to get to the edge; which eventually got us to safety and dry ground. 

Now, let’s fast forward to last summer (13 years later).  We were on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri for vacation and we got into a boat.  Let me just say, a little bit a fear began to creep into my heart.  We moved out into the middle of this huge lake and I felt a little white knuckled.  We moved on towards a safe place to stop the boat so everyone could jump in and play in the water.  

One by one my boys jumped in, then Jeff; but, I was fine on the boat.  Fear had me stuck.  How in the world could I be afraid to jump into the water?  I mean the white water incident happened so long ago.  So, I sat and watched until Jeff slowly coaxed me into the water.  Let me tell you, as silly as it sounds, I was afraid!  I got to the edge of the boat and jumped.  Down I went into the water and up I popped (thanks to my life jacket); but, I was full of fear.  As I began to express my fear of being in the water to Jeff, I realized that the last water adventure wasn’t as fun as this was turning out to be.

How is it that events in our life that bring fear into our life can cripple us?  It seems like one of Satan’s tactics is to fill our mind with fear.  As believers in Christ, we are called to rid ourselves of the lies that entangle us and trust in the One who is Truth. 

Grab your Bible and look up Psalm 56:3 and Psalm 27:1.  What does God say about trusting in these verses?

There are times as followers of Christ we are called to do something that may seem fearful.  Maybe you had a previous bad experience that brings back memories and floods you with fear.  However, we are called to trust in the One who is calling us. 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.
Is there an area in your life where you feel bound by fear?

What is one thing that makes you feel fearful as you start this mission trip?

How can you release this fear to God and be an overcomer this week?

In what area is God asking you to trust Him and jump out of the boat?

Take a minute to write a prayer to God asking Him to fill you will boldness and remove the area of fear in your life.

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  1. Satan uses fear to keep the body of Christ still. Trust in the Lord and be obedient and He will not lead us astray.

    Thank you RM for what you do for the glory of God.

    1. You're right on Billy. Appreciate your encouragement and excited about all that God has in store. Fear freezes, but perfect love casts it out.


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