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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am servant

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by Angie Hegstrom
Friday's Devotional from ONE 2013

So, I’m curious, have you ever heard the song that goes like this? ”If you want to be great, in God’s kingdom, learn to be a servant of all..”  Wow!  That definitely goes against today’s culture with “i” in front of everything around us, doesn’t it?  In this generation, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an iservant.  But how inline with God’s word that would be?

Take a minute right now and read Philippians 2:1-11 (Imitating Christ’s Humility).

In this passage, it talks about how Jesus, who was fully human and fully God; while on earth became a servant to all.  Think about that!  He could have walked around with entitlement to who He was but He didn’t.  He rolled up His sleeves and got dirty.  He washed His disciples' dirty feet, He grabbed a glob of mud and made a blind man see.  Are you getting what I’m saying?  He WAS a servant.  So tell me, are you?  

How often do you stop and serve, not because you were asked; but, because you saw a need and felt God call you to respond to it.  Jesus tells us we are to be like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind (Philippians 2:2).  He goes on to tell us that we should do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.  Rather, in humility value others above yourself (Philippians 2:3).  That’s a pretty good picture of a servant.

Not that you are lowly or that others are better than you, but that you recognize because of Christ in me - I must be a servant to model who He truly is.

Before I close, I must make sure of this…do you know Him, the servant of all as your Savior?

Do you model your life after His because He is your Savior?

If there has never been a time in your life where you have asked Jesus into your heart like it talks about in (Philippians 2:11), "every tongue acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord" - then please do one thing for us right now.  Put this devotional down, go find your leader, or a Relevant Ministry staff person or intern and ask them to pray with you to accept Jesus into your heart. 

There is no better time than right now.  If you are a child of Christ, then you need to strive each day to be the servant He is asking you to be.  Know you have Him, show you have Him!

  1. What are some good qualities of being a servant/Christ like?  Check it out in Philippians 2.
  2. Do you consider yourself a servant?  Why or why not?
  3. What are 1 or 2 ways in which you have grown this week as a servant?
  4. Are you 100% certain that you have asked Jesus into your heart?  There would be no better time than right now if not!
When you go back home, what are some ways you can show yourself to be a servant?
Take a few minutes to write out your thoughts of what He is saying to you.
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1 comment:

  1. Love this, Angie! A good wake-up call in a world where we are so encouraged to take care of number one instead of looking outward to reach others as Christ's hands and feet. Thank you for sharing!


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