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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How can we know what God’s will is?

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by Nelson Roth
Making decisions for our future is probably one of the most challenging things about life.  The need for decision making comes with maturing and transitioning; from being dependent to being more independent.  

If you are feeling challenged about questions, you need answers to or something you have to figure out - you can see this as something good.  It probably means you are transitioning into places of greater responsibility in your life.  If that’s so, it’s awesome!

What are some steps to think about in making important decisions?

In looking back on my life, I remember a time when I struggled in making a decision while I was in high school.  It was a pull between what I wanted and what God had intended for me.  As I look back on that time, I’ve come to see that this pull or struggle wasn’t unique to just that time in my life.  Struggles in making important decisions were there before my highschool years; and, it’s something that can still be a challenge even today.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share some specific steps to think about when you need to make an important decision about future things in your life.  I’ll also offer some principles or guidelines that may help as you navigate life’s road.

So, how can we know what God's will is for our lives?

Getting really basic...let's start by nailing this down.  Do you believe that God exists?  Do you believe that you are his creation and that he has special plans for you?

If you've settled that, are you ready to go a little farther and take the next step?  This next step would be getting beyond what I mentioned that I struggled with in high school; and that's coming to the place of wanting what God's plan is for your life.  Jesus Himself came to this place before he was crucified (Matthew 26:39).

So, here's a first principle that’s essential to knowing God's will - it's having a willingness to do it (Psalms 40:8).  Such a desire follows when we surrender our own will (Romans 12:1-2).

So, how does this sound as a place to start with decision making?

Right now, what action do you need to take?

Feel free to ask questions and to comment below. 

We'll continue with this conversation on how to know the will of God next week.

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