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Thursday, July 4, 2013


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by Pam Roth
Today, we will celebrate the Fourth of July.  There will be fireworks across America, as well as, gatherings with family and friends.  We will decorate in red, white and blue, enjoy each other’s company, eat more than we want, laugh, and say, “ah, ooh, and wow” to fireworks as they are displayed in the sky; but, how many of us will stop to think about or talk about the freedom that we have?

Maybe, this is the day, to send a message of thanks to someone who is serving or has served our country.  This may be more difficult, but what about a phone call or note to a family who has lost a son or daughter while serving our country?  Let them know that you are thinking about them and thank them for their sacrifice for our freedom.  On a lighter side, you could take a meal or dessert to a family who is waiting for their loved one to come home; and, more importantly, we can all pray for continued freedom.

Freedom, as we can see, comes with a price, and the same would be true with any area of our life where we desire to experience freedom.  Freedom, peace and contentment come from a deeper place.  A personal relationship with God and others help to cultivate our values, purpose, and meaning in life.  

Did you know that baby elephants in the circus are trained to stay in place by putting a chain around one of their legs and connecting the chain to a pole in the ground?  As the elephant moves about, it can only go as far as the length of the chain.  Once the elephant has created tension on the chain, it will stop pulling against the chain.

As the elephant reaches adulthood, nothing changes.  Even though the elephant could easily pull the rod out of the ground, it won’t because the limitations imposed by the chain are embedded into the elephant’s mind.  It has even been suggested that if an elephant would break free from the pole, the elephant would not run away because it could hear the rattle of the chain and the elephant would think that it is still tethered to the pole.

What’s keeping you from experiencing the freedom you desire?  Do you long to know the peace that passes all understanding?  Who could you begin to share this with?  Go ahead; be brave…break free from the things that are keeping you bound.  Enjoy a life of freedom.

On the other hand…maybe you need to set someone free.  Do you find yourself being demanding of others and disappointed when they don’t meet your expectations?  What happens when someone does not measure up to your standards?  Who or what are you trying to control…a spouse, your children, the checkbook, or a project.  Let me encourage you to trust God and let go.

Today, could be the beginning of a life of freedom for you.  Step out…make some discoveries about yourself, reframe your thinking, and set yourself free.  Celebrate life!

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