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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Freedom flight

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by Cyndi Coleman
Sitting on my back porch is one of the things I dearly love. Screened in and having ceiling fans does a good job of keeping two Deep South frequenters to a minimum - mosquitoes and heat.

On occasion, the screen door is left open, and a bird will find its way in.  This open door is strangely alluring to birds; but, for some reason they are unable to find their way out. Just yesterday, one poor bird found herself in this situation.

With help from my daughter and her friend, I tried to help this little bird escape. Together, we were armed with towels to “shoo” her out to safety; however, the bird just kept swooping and darting every way, but toward the only exit. At one point, my sweet daughter’s pity wanted to let the little creature rest a minute; but, I knew the new vigor the bird would gain would not be good, so we continued to wave the towels at the bird. 

Over the time we were shooing, “birdie” developed a triangular pattern where she flew from corner to corner, but always avoiding the door. During her fright-flight, we noticed she was panting and heaving...fear and exhaustion were draining her. Finally, as she surrendered, cowering and trembling on the floor, my daughter quickly picked her up with towels wrapped around her hands and rushed to the door to release her. Finally, freedom!

At times, we are like this bird. We seem to be coasting through life and then suddenly, we look up, and we are trapped.  At that moment, as far as our “bird-brains on panic mode” can tell, there is no door, no escape, no hope. Left on the porch, “birdie” would have panicked over and over, trying to fly through an unrelenting screen. Yes, for some reason, the screen looked like the way out, her ticket to glorious freedom; but, again and again, she was met with a blinding blow – and it hurt!

In the same way, Satan tempts us into places and situations where we, like birds on a screened porch, were never intended to go. Feeling desperate and ashamed, we dart after every false hope until we are exhausted and defeated. In our panicked flight we lose friends, families, finances…and faith.

Just as we were delighted to free this bird from our porch, God delights to save you (Psalm 18:19)!  God wants the same for you, precious daughter… freedom! He will hear you and delight in you as He lifts you out of that slimy pit, out of the mud of the world, and the mire of shame. He longs to set your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand (Psalm 40:2).  Surrendering to Him is the only way to real freedom.
What is keeping you from surrendering your plans to Him?

Who might be able to “open the door” and set you free?

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1 comment:

  1. That is so touching & true! Thank you for sharing a piece of clarity that I will tuck away for one of my "flightless" moments!


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