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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cluttered porch

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by Cyndi Coleman
Before we owned our current house, there was a dilapidated remnant of a screen porch. After we purchased the house, my husband rehabilitated the porch, so it was once again a pleasant and useful space. I have come to really love this area. It has become my own special place, my sanctuary, where I meet with the Lord and spend time in peaceful prayer and Bible study while listening to birds singing and breeze gently blowing. 

Just a little over a year of living in the house, a hurricane was coming our way. Before we evacuated to go north, we packed all of the yard items, such as toys and bikes into the porch, in hopes that they would not become flying objects in the storm. Thankfully, the storm wasn’t bad and we returned home to minimal damage; however, since we are procrastinators, the porch remained packed and cluttered for a few months.

I remember a particularly stressful afternoon when I was feeling very pulled and strained by all the many hats I wear as a school teacher, mother of two, wife, cook, and housekeeper.  I needed a break, so I decided to take our dog, Buddy, out back.  While he stretched and played, I plopped down in a chair on my once neat and tidy porch. It was cluttered and filthy and I could see spiders making themselves right at home with webs streaming among the bikes and chairs.

As I waited for Buddy, the day’s pressures were swirling in my head, and I began to cry. I began praying, asking God why I felt so stressed and overwhelmed. How could I manage so many things at once? The answer came quickly and clearly as I looked through my tears around my messy porch. Just as my porch needed to be cleaned out and de-cluttered, so did my mind, heart and soul.

It was then, I realized I was lacking in my frequency of prayer, quiet time and Bible study. I had allowed the approaching storms of life to fill up the porch of my soul with clutter. 

For me, there is no way to manage the daily grind of life without my daily refuge and refueling with the Lord.  It is essential as women that we cling to Him for our sanity and clarity in a cluttered world. When we allow our homes, families, minds and hearts to become cluttered with outside things; the spiders will creep in and weave webs of discontent, stress, and confusion. We must remain vigilant to be unrelenting when it comes to our time alone with God. This allows us to be focused on God instead of being distracted by life’s clutter.

Ask God to show you today where the clutter is in your heart and mind. He will help you find clarity so that you are able to spend time with Him. He will give you the strength and solace you need to continue to manage all that life demands.

What are some of the things cluttering your life? How is He leading you to simplify your life? 

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