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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teaching recap from ONE 2013

by Nelson Roth
Here is a teaching recap from the five speakers and teachers during the week of the first annual ONE that wrapped up on Saturday, June 15, 2013. (ONE is a weeklong mission experience for high school students along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, hosted by Relevant Ministry.)

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1. Erik Johnson - on disciplemaking

  • Thanks to Jesus’ instructions when He commissioned the disciples we don’t have to come up with a mission statement - it’s to make disciples, who make disciples.
  • We are part of the movement He started 2,000 years ago.  Jesus was the first disciplemaker.
  • Disciplemaking is about relationships, it’s following Jesus together all day and everyday.
  • You have not truly made disciples until your disciple has made a disciple.
  • What would it look like for you to live a discilpemaking way of Jesus?
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2. Brad Houchin - on being responsive
  • What if your everyday life experiences became a mission trip?
  • Living life on mission... is engaging into “great commission opportunities” responding to the needs and the messiness of others.
  • When you get out and serve others you are doing what you were created to do.
  • Love your neighbors and be a first responder.
  • Look for Jesus in the world to see where He’s at. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have an encounter with Him as you reach out to respond to the needs of this world.
  • Where is your go?
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3. Jeff Hegstrom - on revealing Christ
  • Jesus spent time with people. He loved and cared deeply for others. And through His life, God was revealed.
  • Jesus was a reflection of the glory of God and people were drawn to His glory and He has given us His glory to be a reflection of Jesus Christ... Christ REVEALED in you and me.
  • God moves in us and works through us - to reveal Christ to others.
  • Our mission is to reveal Christ.
  • So by your life, are you giving others a reason to ask about the hope that's in you?
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4. Pam Roth - on learning to tell your God story
  • Everyone has a story and your story has a purpose - what is your God story?
  • Are you prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within you? (I Peter 3:15)
  • Your story has the power to reveal Christ to others.
  • Who needs to hear your story?  How will God use you to impact others for Him?
  • Kindness and respect are two important factors in reaching others for Christ.  How important are these two characteristics to you when it comes to reaching others?
  • How much are you able to relate to others so they feel valued?
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5. Nelson Roth - on ministry that’s relevant is relational
  • Jesus said that the greatest commandment wasn’t a rule but a relationship that happens because of love!
  • We say we love this and we love that - what does it really mean to love?
  • There are three Greek words for love - agepeo, phileo, eros, and we are only capable of agepeo love because God pours it into our hearts.
  • Our love is the measurement of what it means to be a follower of Christ.
  • In the end times, people will be lovers of self and lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God - what challenges do you face?
  • What adjustment could you make, for this week at ONE to be your best week ever?
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ONE is a vision to unite believers and ministries together with one heart, one mind, one mission.. to reach the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast together, through ministry that is creative and relevant, immersed with the message of hope and love that is only found in Jesus Christ.

ONE is a weeklong mission experience that leads into an ongoing ministry opportunity to network and equip believers and ministries together to live out the greatest commandment and fulfill the great commission in creative and practical ways.

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