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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Introducing Relevant Women

by Pam Roth
Relevant Women will begin blogging every Thursday on the Relevant Ministry Blog. The blog articles on Thursday will be written specifically for women.  Several women from the Relevant Women team will write these blog articles on topics of interestWe invite you to take part by commenting and joining in on the conversation at the bottom of the article.  Help us get the word out by sharing the articles with other women in your life and encourage them to subscribe to the Relevant Ministry Blog.

It’s been almost a year ago that the Lord began to speak to me about developing a safe place for women to be able to tell their story.  During that time, I felt impressed that I was to invite five women to join me.  Over the course of a few weeks, I was able to connect with all five women and three of the five believed that God was calling them to be a part of what is now called – Relevant Women.

Over the course of one year, we have studied the Word together, encouraged each other and have grown in a deeper relationship with God and each other.  Now, we are waiting for all that God has in store for us.  We believe that the Lord will allow us to reach out to other women through spiritual development, mentoring, and retreats. 

Just recently, four more women have begun the journey of becoming "relevant women." Through a process of growing in relationship with God and each other these four women along with the original three will reach out to women in their churches, through ministries, and through their daily lives. 

We invite you to join us on our journey as we begin a weekly blog on Thursdays just for women.  We also appreciate your prayers for us as we look forward to all that the Lord has intended for us.

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For more about Relevant Women -

The purpose of Relevant Women:
Relevant Women exists to train women to minister relevantly, to discover and grow in God’s call in their lives and to serve in their churches as godly leaders.

RW accomplishes this by:
•Teaching life changing truth
•Building significant relationships
•Practicing spiritual disciplines
•Defining our personal stories
•Developing our personal ministry

At Relevant Ministry, our vision is to equip leaders to minister relevantly in churches that will be healthy and thriving.

Our mission, to fulfill this vision, is training future leaders - building healthy ministries - and serving on the Gulf Coast. 


  1. This is a much needed blog! I can't fathom the impact this will have. Women will have a friend to talk to at any given moment on any given topic in their life. What a blessing to have a safe, Christian point of view. Congrats!

    1. Appreciate your comment and your encouragement. Please keep us in prayer as God leads us in topics of interest to write for the blog articles. We hope to be a blessing to all that read the blog.


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