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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Experiencing servacation

by Nelson Roth
During the month of January, friends from the north came for a stay on the Mississippi Coast.  Their plan was for more than being in better weather because they purposed to join in by serving along with Relevant Ministry.  The term we’ve been using for these special stays on the Coast is servacation!  It’s a combination of two good things, serving where there are needs to make a difference and a vacation.  Here’s how our friends, Bruce and Donnas Hertenstein, describe their month long servacation experience.

Being on a servacation is a completely new experience for us; but one that will be a wonderful memory. We came away not only having fun; but learning and feeling like we had served a purpose. Plus, we met many new friends that we'll always remember.

Bruce's goal was to help Relevant Ministry serve people along the Coast. He did that by helping put up doors and locks in a new church building in Bay St. Louis. The following Sunday, we visited that church at their official opening. Everyone was so thankful for all the help they had received, and Bruce was so glad he had been able to help.

For myself, I enjoyed getting to know some wonderful college students from ISU. They accepted me as a part of their group, as we helped as reading tutors in a local elementary school for a week. I loved getting to interact with the kids, and reading stories. At one point, we had a lively discussion on bullying.

Relevant Ministry turned our vacation into a rewarding and meaningful trip. I also want to mention that the RM team is such a loving and caring group; working hard to serve the coastal region of Mississippi. We definitely will do it again!

Thank you to Bruce and Donnas, for the investment they made at RM and into the community.

Interested in your own Servacation opportunity?  Contact Brad Houchin - 

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