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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RM mission team serving at 28th Street Elementary School

by Angie Hegstrom
In January, we were blessed to host an awesome college group from ISU Encounter.  God opened the doors for a group of these students to tutor in a local public school. It was amazing how the teachers and administration were so receptive to this group.  The school allowed the college students to jump in with both feet and serve, build relationships and be the light of Jesus. To follow is a testimony from one of the teachers from the school, Angie August.

It was awesome to see how God worked through Relevant Ministry’s volunteers at our school. Their willingness to tutor students throughout the week made such an impact. It showed me that God’s love is not only displayed by knowing His word; but showing His word. What was so moving was their compassion and desire to serve all the students by tutoring, playing at recess, going to activity period, or just sitting with them and reading with them throughout the school day. Immediately on the first day, there was an unspoken understanding to those around them that they wanted to serve. They built relationships from the start with students and teachers. What I thought was a sincere effort to know the students was that the volunteers wanted to be part of the students’ daily routines including the time when the teacher’s had planning time. They could have stayed in the room and had a break, but they had the desire to build relationships and make every minute count. God’s love was shown by the serving of the volunteers. They have truly made a difference in the school, teachers, and students of Twenty-Eighth Street Elementary School.

What are your ministry serving plans for this summer/winter? Time to schedule your summer mission trip on the Coast! 

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