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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leadership development, building healthy ministries

by Nelson Roth
Through both coaching and training events we've had the privilege of working with churches in the area of leadership development.  It’s exciting to partner with God as he shapes leaders for unique contributions to the Kingdom.

Recently, Relevant Ministry has been working with a new church in New Orleans, the Evangelical Garifuna Church.  Each church setting brings challenges and our work with the Garifuna people has been no exception. Speaking English presents a language barrier for many of the members of the Garifuna Church; however, we've been blessed to have our materials translated into Spanish and have a Garifuna interpreter for our training sessions.

Around ten to twelve church leaders are participating and after each training session we hear comments like this.  "I am getting so much out of these times."  "I'm learning something I didn't expect, and that's about myself.  I’m being challenged personally."  "I look forward to each training session and sense God working in my life."

The leaders at the Garifuna Church are learning that leadership is more than 'doing'.  It's first of all about 'being'.  'Being' is about who you are as a person; and, this is where leadership for healthy churches begins. 

To the Ephesians leaders, Paul said, "Keep watch over yourselves (being) and all the flock (doing)."  Acts 20:18

Relevant Ministry approaches leadership development with a focus on the person first.  In I Timothy 4:12, Paul said to the young man that he was mentoring, "Set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

Contact us at RM if you would like to learn more about our Leadership Development Training and for how you can incorporate it into the development of leaders in your church. 

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