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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coaching leads to fulfilling God's will in our life

by Pam Roth
As Nelson and I work together as part of the RM team, our heart’s desire is to reach out and be a blessing to pastors and their spouses.  We love “the church” and understand what it is like to be in the ministry.  Through coaching, we have an opportunity to be there for those that minister and to come alongside them as they serve their congregation.  

The following is a testimony from a pastor’s wife about her coaching experience. 

“In September, Pam and I talked about the possibility of connecting for some life coaching sessions. As many of us would do, I immediately thought, "Sure, why not..." However, it took me a month to follow through with just setting an appointment. Life is so busy! Putting off such a great opportunity due to busyness had become my MO (method of operation). I'm not even sure I realized how much I needed coaching then; but, God has a way of getting our attention.

My husband and children are avid campers. We love the outdoors, the smell of campfires and the seclusion to really get alone with God. Being pastors of a church and living in the same building as the church can make it difficult to find time alone with the Lord, free from distractions. Early mornings, while the children are still sleeping, when we are camping is one place I can always count on being able to do just that. So, early one morning, we were studying and praying while camping and I felt the Lord tell me to slow down and focus on what I was called to do in the Body of Christ. I cried out to the Lord, “HOW?” When there are so many other things that I need to take care of... Important things.... Things that no one else can or will do.... But, God wouldn't let it go... I began to think of areas in my life that overwhelm and overrun my time. Things that keep me from focusing on the ministry God had called me to do. Truly, I did not even know where to start making changes. When we returned from camping, Pam had left me a message about connecting. It was like bells went off in my head. I had a seasoned women's minister at my fingertips. Finally, someone I could trust to bare my heart to. Someone who had been there and done that.

Once we began our sessions, I realized how valuable life coaching can be. Not just for me to have a wonderful Christian woman speaking into my life, but to have someone who was gifted at helping others get their focus back. Within a week, I had identified at least one area of my life that I could change that would relieve stress and give me more time to focus on where my heart is – our women’s ministry. Since then, I have connected on a deeper level with my husband; and have been able to share with him some of the struggles I have identified. Pam and I are working on a plan for me to train others; and release and empower them into ministry areas where I once served. Now, I have more time to focus on what I feel God has called me to do. We have a long way to go, but progress is being made. Praise God! Thank you Pam for being obedient to the Lord. Thank you for encouraging me to address these problem areas and showing me there is a way to fulfill what God has called me to do.”

How could a coaching relationship help you make important discoveries in your life?
If you are interested in learning more about coaching, feel free to contact Nelson or Pam Roth.

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  1. LOVE YOU, PAM! You helped really did.

  2. Thank you, Kim. It is great seeing how God is moving in your life. He truly is the greatest coach ever. Here for you.


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