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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Coastal Thrift Store Impacts Illinois

by Teresa Houchin
How can an event that happened a year earlier and a place nearly 1,000 miles from where someone lives impact their life for eternity?  Well, here’s Eva’s story.  A story about ministry that’s truly relevant!

Last summer, a team from New Horizon Church of Heyworth, IL served at a thrift store in Waveland, MS.  This thrift store helps to support the ministry of Christian Life Church, a church planted out of the needs left behind by Hurricane Katrina. The thrift store also serves as one of the ways people get connected to the church. 

While they were here last year, the New Horizon team began praying and dreaming of a relevant way they could impact their community back home in Illinois. A few months later, New Horizon opened “Worn Again Too” a fully functioning thrift store in Heyworth, IL reaching out to the surrounding community.

Through a relationship that developed through “Worn Again Too,” one particular woman (Eva) saw her life changed through the discipleship she received; and today, she is an active member of the New Horizon church family. “Worn Again Too” has changed her life!

When New Horizon returned to the Coast on another mission trip, Eva was part of the team! During that week, New Horizon reconnected with the Thrift Store. During this time, Eva began to realize the connection between the store in Waveland and the store in Heyworth.

This store in Waveland, MS is what influenced the opening of “Worn Again Too” in Heyworth; and “Worn Again Too” was the store that had reached out to her and helped to change her life.

It was at that moment that she realized she had come full circle.  Now, she was giving back to a place she did not even know existed a year ago; yet, it was a place that would have an impact on her life forever.  WOW! What a powerful moment that was for Eva and the rest of us who were there when this became a reality for Eva. This truly is relevant ministry!

Eva's relationship with New Horizon Church, Worn Again, Too and most importantly God, continues to this day. She is growing and maturing in the Lord.  

How is God calling you to serve Him? 

What are your ministry serving plans for this summer? Time to schedule your Summer mission trip on the Coast!

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