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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living life on mission, the divine interruptions

by Jeff Hegstrom
When Angie and I and our family moved from Illinois to Mississippi in the Fall of 2009, we arrived driven and ready with a plan to help start up Relevant Ministry, a new ministry along the Gulf Coast. Quickly we found out that in the south everything moves at a different pace. We began to get discouraged because everything we thought God had planned for us seemed to be on hold. Often we would pray, “God we know you sent us here, show us your plan.” 

Then, God answered our prayer and showed us His plan. He didn’t bring us here to start a new ministry, but to live our lives on mission. He wanted to use us in our everyday lives through “divine interruptions” to love others with Christ’s love through authentic relationships by serving those that are hurting and in need. We found such freedom in those words and we began to see God open doors for new relationships and new opportunities to serve others and share the love of Jesus in practical ways.

How do you respond to the divine interruptions in your life? Instead of seeing them as distractions, how can you embrace them as opportunities to live your life on mission and allow Him to use you in your everyday lives to reveal the love of Jesus?  

How is God calling you to serve in ministry?  Experience living life on mission through an RM internship.

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