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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leadership coaching and the coach approach to ministry

by Nelson Roth
We are witnessing how individuals who engage in a coaching partnership are experiencing fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities.  Recently, during a leadership coaching session, a pastor said to me, “The questions you ask have caused me to look at my situation in a different way – and, it has been eye opening.  I'm seeing obstacles in a new light and now have my next steps for moving forward.” 

And the same can hold true for you as well.  Leadership coaching can help you reach your goals.  It can accelerate what is already underway or what is about to begin, leadership coaching maximizes potential.

Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God's agenda for their life and ministry.  Coaching cooperates with the Holy Spirit to see God's agenda become a reality.

Coaching is often thought of as a method used only in the business world; however, coaching is ageless. Jesus was one of the greatest coaches to ever live. Jesus had a heart for others. He was a good listener and he often asked pertinent questions that changed people’s lives.

Much like a sports coach, the job of a leadership coach is to support you in reaching your desired goals.  And, like a sports coach the work of a leadership coach is done on the sidelines.

RM Leadership Coaching is here to provide guidance, feedback, and awareness based on our sideline vantage point, which will allow you to discover, develop and execute your desired outcomes.

How might a leadership coaching partnership help you now?

There are two ways to get started.  Either individual leadership coaching for yourself or your team.  Or, training for yourself and your team to learn the coach approach to ministry.  The Coach Approach to Ministry Training is designed to equip pastors and ministry leaders with a basic understanding of coaching skills that can be integrated and incorporated into their local ministry setting.

Both my wife Pam and I are Coaching4Clergy coaches and certified coach trainers and would love to come alongside as you discover the benefits of coaching.  You can contact us here -

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  1. In coaching, coach approach is very important to learners. By effective coaching approach, anyone can meet their goals easily. Nelson, you described very nicely.
    Thank for sharing.

  2. Good to hear from you and your confirmation of the value of 'coach approach' in leadership and ministry. It helps to bring out the best in everyone.


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