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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It takes relationships to make a difference

by Angie Hegstrom
Have you ever wondered if the relationships that you are building are significant?  Or when you are reaching out to others, do you wonder if the time you are investing will make any kind of a difference?

Fifteen years ago, I felt called to get a degree in Deaf Interpreting. After I graduated from college, I got a job interpreting in a school. I really enjoyed my co-workers and the students I worked with.

There was one particular student I got to know pretty well because I interpreted most of her high school classes. For four years, I watched her struggle and grow like most teenagers do. There were times she would confide in me; and other days, she wouldn’t listen to a thing I had to say. Often, I told her that I would always be there for her and that she could tell me anything and I would be there to listen.

The day she graduated from high school, she was one of the students chosen to give a speech. I was so proud of her because she had been on quite a journey for her four years in high school. After high school, she moved on to college and pursued her degree and graduated.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leadership coaching and the coach approach to ministry

by Nelson Roth
We are witnessing how individuals who engage in a coaching partnership are experiencing fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities.  Recently, during a leadership coaching session, a pastor said to me, “The questions you ask have caused me to look at my situation in a different way – and, it has been eye opening.  I'm seeing obstacles in a new light and now have my next steps for moving forward.” 

And the same can hold true for you as well.  Leadership coaching can help you reach your goals.  It can accelerate what is already underway or what is about to begin, leadership coaching maximizes potential.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living life on mission, the divine interruptions

by Jeff Hegstrom
When Angie and I and our family moved from Illinois to Mississippi in the Fall of 2009, we arrived driven and ready with a plan to help start up Relevant Ministry, a new ministry along the Gulf Coast. Quickly we found out that in the south everything moves at a different pace. We began to get discouraged because everything we thought God had planned for us seemed to be on hold. Often we would pray, “God we know you sent us here, show us your plan.” 

Then, God answered our prayer and showed us His plan. He didn’t bring us here to start a new ministry, but to live our lives on mission. He wanted to use us in our everyday lives through “divine interruptions” to love others with Christ’s love through authentic relationships by serving those that are hurting and in need. We found such freedom in those words and we began to see God open doors for new relationships and new opportunities to serve others and share the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Serving outside your doors, making an impact close to home

by Brad Houchin
A healthy church is a church that serves outside its doors. At Relevant Ministry, we have a vision to see Coastal churches reaching out to serve the needs of their surrounding community. Not only does this impact the community, it also will greatly impact the church that is serving.

Here's what Jason, a Mississippi youth leader had to say about his group's recent mission experience.  "Our time together was a great time of serving, bonding, and growing for our group and was truly refreshing for me as a youth leader.  Glory to God for the work he is doing through RM, and many thanks to the RM team for their selfless service."