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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hope for the future

by Nelson Roth
Nehemiah was a great leader who overcame many difficulties and accomplished many more great things.  The book in the Bible that bears his name – Nehemiah – is filled with principles that can help you get from where you currently are to where you want to go.  There are ten responses that Nehemiah makes that we have identified from his application of these principles.  

What is your hope for the future?
Where is God leading you?

Nehemiah Response Model
God is your ultimate source!  He already knows the other side of where you are right now.  With all ten of the Nehemiah responses, you can overcome difficulties, clarify next steps for moving forward, gain a focused vision for where you’re going, and create a plan for getting there.  Everybody ends up somewhere in life, but few people end up somewhere on purpose. So then, how can you realize what God is doing and then what do you need to do to agree with and join Him in what He is doing?

What is the vision of the future that God has given to you?
Are you ready to move forward fulfilling God’s purposes in your life?

Taking Nehemiah responses and discovering how to get to where you are going!

  1. Make an honest evaluation of your present situation
  2. Envision the preferred future
  3. Incubation Stage (clarifying vision and planning)
  4. Implementation Stage (taking action and overcoming obstacles)
  5. Celebration Stage
  6. Transformation Stage

Where are you now as you evaluate your present situation?
How is God changing you?

Your transformation is not an end, but rather a means to an end!
The hope for the future is God’s purposes for your life being fulfilled.  Using the Nehemiah Response
Model™ will help you identify where you are, what the next steps are, and ultimately how to get to where you want to go. Read what others are saying about The Nehemiah Response Model

Would having a coach help?
Imagine a relational process that helps facilitate the discovery of God’s agenda - His purposes and how they relate to your life.  Next, picture that agenda becoming a reality.  Having a coach provides a supportive relationship with an objective perspective.  Contact us at Relevant Ministry, our coach approach will help guide you through the ten responses of the Nehemiah Response
Model™, help you assess how it’s going, provide accountability, and pause with you to celebrate your advances into the future.

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  1. Great article, Nelson. I especially liked the comment that you made about everyone ends up somewhere in life; but, few end up somewhere on purpose. This is a great reminder to me that we need to live our life on purpose and be intentional about where we are going and how we are going to get there. Again...great job!

    1. Thanks, being intentional - you are on target! -Nelson

  2. A very useful article. Thanks, Nelson.


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