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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A transformed life

by Nelson Roth
The dolphins or porpoises carved out of the storm-destroyed tree in this video were always inside of that tree.  It took the destruction of the tree, and then an artist with a chainsaw to cut away and reveal what was always there.

(click this link if the video does not play in your browser or email)

It's the same for each of us as we keep growing as disciples - something beautiful happens as we let God change and transform us.  

  • Biblical transformation is the process of death and rebirth where our weakness becomes strength for His glory.  
  • Transformation means life change of the believer by the intentional choice to no longer “conform to the pattern of this world.”  (Romans 12:2)  
  • The outcome of being transformed is a life that reflects the likeness of Christ.  “Being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory.”  (II Corinthians 3:18)

How are you being challenged to be transformed today?

What barriers stand in your way?

Who can help you?

What will you do next?

Feel free to comment.

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