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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One thing I do

by Nelson Roth
What does it take to finish what we start?  The lure of something else that looked better when he was almost finished was one of the major distractions that Nehemiah faced in chapter six.

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What should Nehemiah do with this new offer?  What would you do?  Nehemiah was able to realize that this offer was a distraction and then say ‘no' by remembering what he had already said 'yes' to. From this, we learn that the best way to not be distracted is by being attracted to our 'yes'.

A.W. Tozer once wrote, "A great economizing of time and effort can be effected by learning what we should do and then sticking to it, quietly refusing to be turned aside from our task. Paul said, 'But one thing I do,' and by paring his activities down to an important minimum he multiplied his efficiency many times over."

The task of finishing is a challenge.  We can easily get side-tracked, off-focus and consumed by counter-productive activities. What is your one thing right now?

How consistent are you when it comes to finishing?
What goals have you set, that are not finished?

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