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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The halfway mark of your goal can be a critical time

by Nelson Roth
Opposition to your vision can be challenging and overtake you.  Also, all your hard work can cause discouragement to rise up when you realize all that there is yet to do.

What can we learn from Nehemiah?  In
The Nehemiah Response Model the action response is followed by perseverance.  To persevere is one of the ten responses of The NRM™.

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Here is Nehemiah's situation.  In chapter four, verse six, Nehemiah is at the halfway mark of reaching the goal.  Opposition rises up from people who did not want to see the wall rebuilt.  And in verse ten, the people were discouraged - "the strength of the laborers is giving out."

What can you do in a similar critical time to persevere?

Nehemiah's response was to persevere and we see two ways he kept the momentum rolling:
  • First, he kept the focus on the original vision which was to rebuild the wall. He reminded himself and everyone else what it was that they were called to do.
  • Second, they persevered with a faith response - "for the people worked with all their heart."  Their faith was active.  James 2:20, "faith without works is dead."
So, don't be surprised when opposition comes to challenge you in what you've set out to accomplish.  Keep your focus on the vision, not the opposition.  What are you called to do?  Keep the faith and have active faith.  To work with your "whole heart" is to understand why you must reach your goal.  Nehemiah and the people he was working with were doing more than building a wall; they were restoring God's glory and bringing blessing to their families (Nehemiah 4:14).  Why is your vision important and why must it come to pass?

What does ridicule and criticism do to you?
What is your response when opposition or obstacles threaten your advance forward?
Why is God's vision for you important?

It would be awesome to hear and learn from your experiences.
Feel free to leave a comment below.

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