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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Planning, sharing the vision

by Nelson Roth
When the vision for the future is clear and when you have begun to think plans through for how to get there; it’s time for action, right?  Well, almost.  Remember we are still in the incubation stage of the Nehemiah Response Model TM.  Taking action begins in the implementation stage that follows.  Before moving out with action, it is critical to share the vision and plans with others.  Like an unhatched chick’s embryonic development during incubation, every day of the process is essential.  Sharing the vision lines up in the chick analogy when the beak is formed and is used for the purpose of escaping  from the shell.

Planning follows vision and both are part of the incubation stage.  Two weeks ago, I wrote about - planning, thinking it through.  In this article, we'll discover from Nehemiah some great insights about how to share the vision - a vital part of the planning process.

In his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell writes, “The truth is that nearly anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course…they see the whole trip in their minds before they leave the dock. They have a vision for their destination…”  Getting to that future destination requires others on the ship.  If a vision is to be attained, it must be shared by everyone whether it’s one person - like your spouse, if it is a marriage or family matter; or whether it is a larger group in an organization.

Nehemiah’s, vision from God was to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem.  What is it for you?  Are you in a transition to something new?  Is something broken in a relationship, in your career, or ministry?   

Nehemiah has arrived in Jerusalem in chapter 2 verse 11.  From his activity we get insight on how to share the vision we have with others.  

  1. First, he rested.  Nehemiah had just concluded the 800 mile trip to Jerusalem which probably took four months; and then, he rested for three days.  What can we learn from this?  Are you like me?  I can be so driven, especially when I see before me all that needs to be done.  I say to myself, “Let’s get going.”  We are so driven.  We are so bent on getting results.  We gauge the success of our day based on how busy we are.  To work is okay, but we also must understand the necessity of rest and self care.  God set the example, resting on the seventh day.  Jesus modeled it by often withdrawing to rest with His disciples.  I like this verse in Ecclesiastes 10:10 - “If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength”.
  2. Nehemiah reflected on the job to be done.  Before the official start, he assessed needs, gathered facts, and surveyed the situation first hand.  In verses 12 to 16, he personally scouted out the damage on the walls.
  3. Then in verses 17-18 in chapter 2, Nehemiah rallied help.  He did so by asking everyone, “Do you see what I see?”  After the problem was addressed, he challenged the people with the solution, “Let us rebuild!”  After Nehemiah shared the vision, he made it clear that all of this was God’s idea and everyone responded saying, “Let us rebuild.”  They then joined him and “set their hands to this good work.”
A rally in a sports event is a comeback!  It’s recovery and moving forward to victory.  Now that the vision and plan is shared, it’s time to move from the incubation stage to implementation and action!

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